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Monday, August 04, 2008

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The Classic Chanel Quilted Handbag

By Christabel Biella

Ooh la la� The Chanel classic quilted handbag is true Parisian chic, it just oozes class and sophistication and no matter what the current trends are, has a classic timeless design that has lived through many a fashion era. There's something about that soft stitched leather and gold metal chain that has created a signature style icon for women all over the world.

So let's go back in time to when it first began�

In 1955, Chanel introduced the Classic Quilted bag with the shoulder strap, THE Chanel handbag that shook the fashion world. It became so popular the first year she had to decline numerous requests due to the lack of time to painstakingly manufacture each one by her skilled artisans. The bag is known in industry shorthand as the 2.55, after the month and year it was introduced.

Chanel's signature quilted fabric has a 'secret' quilting pattern sewn at the back to keep the material strong. This material is used for clothing and accessories alike.

Throughout the key fashion decades, the Chanel 2.55 handbag miraculously hasn't changed much. Unlike other fashion design houses who have altered their bag styles to appeal to the temporary whimsical demands of fashion trends, the Classic Chanel 2.55 has stood it's ground. In fact, in 2005, the fashion house celebrated by re-releasing the classic just as it was.

The classic Chanel bag will never die. The latest versions out this year of this classic bag are awe striking in lambskin and ostrich leather.

Can you believe that this bag is over 50 years old?

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Pills, Thrills and and Couture

Tue, 08 Jul 2003 12:54:07 GMT
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Textile artist Susie Freeman and practising GP Dr Liz Lee, are an unlikely twosome for an artistic collaboration. More unusual is the work they create - clothes that seem fluffy and frivolous but actually draw attention to medical matters.

Susie Freeman and Liz Lee are old school friends and Susie explains how their collaboration developed: 'We chat like all women do. Liz was very interested in family planning, and wanted to raise awareness of contraceptive methods available.' Around the same time, a U.S. gallery which sold Susie's work, commissioned one of her textile garments decorated with pills. Susie hadn't made such a piece but the mistaken request sparked an idea - combine Susie's dramatic fabrics with Liz's medical objectives.

Their idea, which they called Inside Out, won them a Sci-Art Award in 1998 - a grants scheme sponsored by the Wellcome Trust encouraging collaborations between scientists and artists. This set them on the path of 'drawing attention to medical decisions that people make', enabling Susie and Liz 'to express the thought processes and emotions involved when patients make decisions about medical treatment.' ...

Susie Freeman's and Dr Liz Lee's work can be viewed at: Contemporary Applied Arts, 2 Percy Street, London W1P 9FA (enquiries call 020 7436 2344) and from 19 July - 27 August at Fact, Fantasy and Pharmacopoeia, MAC, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham B12 9QH (enquiries: 0121 440 3838). fashionUK]

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